Business Networking in a social style

I have often wondered why do “Business to Business Networking” in a style that’s more apt for socializing, or is it?
Socializing – the act of being social, communicating, discussing current events…  Does that sound like business talk?
If current events are the latest deal, the newest project, current marketing strategies – then yes it is. Being social doesn’t have to be gossip, it certainly is sociable to talk about problems with a project, or how the weather impacts or doesn’t impact what is happening.

Many business owners, sales managers and supervisors, contractors talk about work all the time. Actually, I think we all do that. Whether at home with the wife, the neighbor, over dinner with friends. It is what they talk about when ever they get the chance – it is how they help grow their business. People talk about what is important to them, and for business people – that is business “stuff”.

Just because something is for business, does not mean it is all hard sales and “Click my link”. Being social – socializing, talking about business interests with other business people, is networking. When ‘Joanne’ is asked about her business, her reply is not some sales tactic, not in a social setting anyway. Instead, her reply will be more inline with “business is great!”. “We are launching our newest gadget..” or “This new contract requires an expert in xxx and I need to find one, do you know of someone?” And isn’t that an opportunity to connect others? Connections, networks, lines of communications. The next time around, you may be needing someone and ‘Joanne’ knows just the one.

Just don’t get sloppy…

Being in a social setting often leads to unprofessional styled conversation, don’t make the mistake of getting sloppy in business communications!
Everything said should reflect well upon you and your business- it is in writing. Non-disclosure agreements have a way of getting compromised in social settings, everyone wants to talk about things they are involved in don’t they. Something to keep in mind when ‘socializing for business’.

and the answer is –

Thinking about business networking – it IS social.
Where better than in a social style focused on businesses?

Buz2Buz - Business Networking Online

Why Buz2Buz?

I’m sure most all of you that come to the site are wondering just why Buz2Buz is a “Business to Business Network”. The answer to that is somewhat long and varied – as are the explanations as to just what is business to business networking. This post is intended to answer at least some of these points to ponder.

Networks and networking

Networks – the interconnections between…,
Networking – interacting with other people to exchange information and develop contacts, especially to further one’s career or in our case – business. Of course, to interact with others requires some medium, whether it is a place or a communications medium, and that is where Buz2Buz comes in.

The place is the place we provide for people to congregate, to meet and discuss business in general. While we are not a sales site per se’ we do allow and ask our members to share their products and services. The main Community Activity page, allows members to post topics of importance and everyone will see it, and are able to post comments about it. We hope our members create Groups for more in depth conversation and information exchange. Members may send ‘Messages’ to other members for private communications – which brings us fully into the communications medium(s) of Buz2buz.

Communications Tools

What we, Buz2Buz, bring to the table – is a tool that allows:

  • Keep in touch with business partners
  • Announce needs or deadlines
  • Connect with suppliers, workers, contractors
  • Virtual conference rooms and chat-rooms allow almost instant communication
  • Business Partners – suppliers, customers upon which your business depends
  • Got a new project and need something not already handled by your current suppliers – let others in the network know
  • Need to get the word out to all your contractors and subs about a change in the specs, or timelines on a project?

Direct (one-to-one) or Group oriented

Audio and video chat, ‘IM’ or Instant Messaging, allows for getting the word out individually, without the expense and hassle of sending SMS text messages over a phone. Using the Audio/Video Broadcasting capabilities, similar to a live webinar or pod cast, a member may communicate to many people at once, file sharing, screen sharing and white-board are also included.
Groups – allows for written communications to your network on most any subject. Groups can be set to “Public” (open) or “Closed” (private)and this affects whether or not your postings are for all members, or just members of your group. Notifications can be sent via email to all members when something new is posted.

Benefits of Networking your business using Buz2buz

Buz2buz has brought the ‘social network’ to the world of businesses. Keeping in touch with your business contacts is now as easy as keeping in touch with your private/personal contacts using those other social network. Only without sharing everything with the world. With a single posting in your Group, let everyone know about important times; meetings; events; project deadlines; special sales; most anything.

Have you ever wondered how large corporations let their suppliers know of a needed product?  Do you think IBM, Walmart or Target call every supplier and ask for something not already in the system?  Of course not! Large corporations have dedicated web sites or pages just for this purpose and rely on their suppliers to check it themselves. Now you can do something similar – just get your suppliers to join too, and when they do – you have your own network started.

Buz2Buz is a TOOL – its true value will only become truly apparent with usage. Bring your current business associates, your work crews, suppliers, vendors, contractors and sub-contractors in as members. Communications with them will be simpler, more concise and timely, if these tools are used.  Accessing the site is easy from modern devices. The chat tool has an app that can be used in stand-alone fashion for both computer type devices and smart phones. No need to have the web site open for just IM style chats. The key here is all this is available from a single site. We hope you will agree. Buz2buz brings a lot to the table for business networking. Helping your business online.

Get started today!

Login and see what all is available. Get your profile filled out so folks know what you and your business is all about. Create a Group for your network. Post photos of your business, projects, products and services.

Start building your business network today!




Project Owners and Managers

Announcing the pre-launch of the new Buz2Buz Bid Room – a project bid room for less money and with more features:

  • for project owners to solicit bids
  • for freelancers/service providers to place bids on projects
  • Free spreadsheet help tools for project management and Gantt Charts
  • To-Do list tool and file manager included; keep track of your bids – both given or received

The Buz2Buz Bidroom allows contractors (freelancers), service providers and project owners and managers to place projects and project files on an easy to use website. Service Providers may post their abilities, as in a resume, so project owners, managers, general contractors may find them.  Project Managers and Owners – finally a place that doesn’t cost much of your profit margin to use! Place your projects here and let others know. You can receive bids, allow access to the bid package and more from the Buz2Buz Bidroom.

Register as either a Project Owner, Service Provider – or both!

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Buz2Buz QR Code

Mobile Access

In this day of mobility, it just makes sense to have access to your business connections while out of the office, to that end here is a Quick Response Code you can scan with your smart phone and access all the features of Buz2Buz. (you will need a QR reader to scan)

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