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Buz2Buz started out a few years ago as an idea. An idea about a place where business people could communicate with other business people about their business interests, share and discuss products, advertise for work/workers and find qualified people. A place to put projects out for bid requests and have the bid packages available online, saving mailing fees. A place a contractor could communicate with sub-contractors about jobs – current, future or past. We believe this has been accomplished on our “Bid Room” Site. Check it out and let us know what YOU think.

All these ideas and some not mentioned were the driving factors in creating Buz2Buz – A Business to Business Networking site.
A social place for businesses.

In our social pages, members can post comments, upload photos of their products or services – even videos. These entries can be shared with everyone, or marked as private, get comments, likes/dislikes.. Followers and Friends per member may be indicative of popularity or helpfulness and a rating/review could boost your business sales.

To facilitate more immediate communications, Buz2Buz offers online Immediate Messaging – “IM” chat between “friends” or in chat-rooms for many to participate. Features of our chat include audio and video chat, whiteboards, file sharing and more.

Join us and share your business too!